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Kuhlab allows your business to send targeted offers & deals to an ever-growing user base.

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Create your deal in 3 easy steps.

We don't believe that advertising should be complicated.
You can create, preview and submit your deal in minutes, targeting entire
or multiple industries as well as individual professions.
Unlike other targeted advertising platforms all our prices are a one off payment,
so you keep all the revenue your ad brings!

Create an advert
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Your ad will be featured on Kuhlab for all to see

Once submitted your deal will be sent straight to the app. Our ever growing
user base will be able to see your featured deal and click through to your
landing page to purchase or gather more information about your product or service.

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Users who share #tags with your ad will be notified in-app

Get your deal seen by the right people. As well as landing on our deals page, your deal will be a featured post on any user's newsfeed who shares #tags mentioned in your ad. This allows you to maximize your ad's potential hit rate and make sure your ad is seen by those who it will appeal to the most.

Watch your business grow...

Deals and offers are a great way to you grow your business. Using our targeted system you can build up your customer base and get your product or service seen directly by those who need to know.

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